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Is the ‘Toddler Glow’ Makeunder the Hottest New Makeup Trend?

The “toddler glow” might sound like a ridiculous name for a beauty trend, but it’s a look that you really need to try. Luckily, the glow in question doesn’t come from drooling on your face » Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secret Revealed by Judy Greer

The secret behind Jennifer Lopez’s flawless face is out, thanks to an old costar’s beauty product sleuthing. Porcelain-skinned Arrested Development star Judy Greer learned J-Lo’s beauty secret while working with her on The Wedding Planner. » Read More

Style & Fashion

Midi Skirts: Why You’ll Love ‘Em for Spring

You probably have a few skirts in your closet already: A knee-length pencil skirt for work, maybe a short A-line skirt for the weekend, for example. But the newest member of the skirt family might » Read More

How to: Style a Patterned Dress

If you’ve felt the pull toward a shop window, thanks to the appearance of a patterned dress, you’re not alone. These fun, whimsical additions for spring are a great way to add color and depth » Read More

Living & Health

Britney Spears’ Trainer Reveals Her Diet And Weight Loss Secrets

Britney Spears is looking better than ever these days. Although the pop star’s weight has been known to fluctuate in recent years, she is currently trim and toned, and in a new interview with Life » Read More

A Chicago Grilled Cheese Sandwich Costs $100 — Find Out Why

A Chicago grilled cheese has just arrived to the deca Restaurant + Bar located inside the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, and while it won’t cost a “zillion” dollars, as its name implies, it will cost you a » Read More

Love & Sex

What Is Conscious Uncoupling?

Conscious uncoupling seems to be the buzz term right now, thanks in part to the separation of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. So, what does this new term mean? Paltrow and Martin announced their separation » Read More

Kirsten Dunst’s Comments Prove There Is No ‘Right Way’ To Have a Relationship

Kirsten Dunst recently made some comments that have people outraged, but were they really that bad? Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK, Dunst explained, “I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued. We all » Read More

Home & Decor

Kid’s Table Chalk Board Paint Remake

If you have an old kid’s table and chairs–or even just the table–in your attic or basement, this is the perfect way to make it over. If you don’t have one, scout one out at » Read More

Make A Giant Photo Wall Clock

Make a giant photo wall clock using some of those photographs that you’ve stashed in boxes or dresser drawers. The craft is a simple one and it can become the focal point of a wall » Read More