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Rachel McAdams Shares Her Mermaid Beauty Secret

Rachel McAdams has a skincare secret that you might find totally fetch (fetch is going to happen one of these days, right?). During a recent interview with Allure, the Mean Girls actress talked about her beauty » Read More

Miley Cyrus’s Bizarre Pimple Cover and Other Celebrity Beauty Tips for Dealing with Zits

Miley Cyrus’s Instagram feed is a real trip these days. Lately the singer has been feeling rather crafty, and the bizarro Martha Stewart has been sharing her crazy creations on the social media site. One » Read More

Style & Fashion

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Inspires Questionable Fashion Trend

Orange Is the New Black is making a very unflattering clothing item fashionable with fans of the Netflix series. It seems that orange really is becoming the new black as more and more civilians step » Read More

Lauren Conrad Fires Back At Allure Magazine After They Label Her “Basic”

Lauren Conrad is fighting back against Allure Magazine after they labeled her “basic” in a recent issue. In the magazine’s Beauty & the Beat section, Allure recapped the recent styles of Conrad and a few others, typecasting » Read More

Living & Health

Kris Jenner To Release Kardashian ‘Kollection’ Cookbook

Kris Jenner will soon share her personal recipes with the world. On Oct. 21, the Kardashian matriarch will release her first cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites, which will » Read More

Miss Idaho Wears Her Insulin Pump During Bikini Competition

Miss Idaho is not going to let her diabetes get in the way of her pageant dreams. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012, Sierra Sandison opted to have shots to maintain her » Read More

Love & Sex

Men’s Biggest Turnoff Is a Hairy Plughole

Men’s biggest turnoff might surprise you: they aren’t fans of hairy plugholes. And no, this has nothing to do with bikini waxes. Some guys might be fans of the super-smooth Brazilian, but they all have different » Read More

Sleeping Naked Could Improve Your Relationship

Sleeping naked might be the sexy secret to improving your relationship. According to The Daily News, a survey by Cotton USA found that couples who sleep in the nude are happier than those who wear » Read More

Home & Decor

Ellen Degeneres Flips Los Angeles Home For $15 Million

Ellen Degeneres just moved out of the home she purchased in January. While Degeneres only lived in the Holmby Hills home for a few months, she recently sold the property, which Curbed once called “the best house » Read More

Roxy Sowlaty Dishes On Her Interior Design Career (Exclusive)

Roxy Sowlaty rose to fame on E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, but she’s not just some spoiled rich girl — Sowlaty has a career in interior design. In a new interview with FrontDoor.com, Sowlaty » Read More