A Room Divider–3 Ways to Repurpose and Reuse It

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Kimberly Ripley

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A room divider isn’t just for dividing rooms any more–especially not when it’s repurposed for other uses within your home. Pick one up at a thrift store or yard sale and try your hand at one of these new uses for a really fun find. Some dividers feature louvered panels, while others are solid wood. Others are frames with fabric filling in each panel of the divider. Regardless of which kind you find, you can definitely make it into something wonderful for your home.

A Room Divider--3 Ways to Repurpose and Reuse It

  • If the room divider is solid–no louvers or openings where fabric has been affixed–try this on for size. Use small nails to attach pre-measured picture frames on both sides of one or more panels of the divider. You needn’t spend a lot on the frames–dollar store versions will do. Paint the frames and the divider the same color. Insert photographs or still life photos you’ve cut from magazines. Use the divider just inside your home’s entryway to denote a foyer where there isn’t one. The pictures or photographs will be visible from both your new foyer and the living room or kitchen–depending on where your entryway lies.
  • A louvered room divider is perfect for use in an office or room where there is an abundance of mail or paperwork. Sand and paint the entire piece to complement the colors in the room where it will be used. Turn the entire divider upside down and use the louvers (like shutters) to organize mail, paperwork or office work. You can also hide behind it while doing said work, in hopes of having a few minutes of quiet time to try to get organized!
  • Disassemble your room divider and use each individual piece as its own work of art. Replace fabric with a complementary color and/or print and hang on a wall. Paint a solid piece with chalkboard paint and lean on a bare wall in your kitchen. Place one piece on a mirror easel and clip on a collage of interesting photos that can be changed on a whim.

Try your hand at one of these easy and fun projects and put a room divider–or even just a piece of one–to work in your home. It can serve both a fun and a functional purpose, depending on how you think it best fits your space.