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5 Tips for Fulfilling And Safe Sex

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Are you looking to enjoy fulfilling sexuality? This article is made for you!

It is essential that we can all enjoy fulfilling and safe sex. To achieve this, however, there is a series of tips to keep in mind that you may have overlooked. Therefore, throughout this article, we will explain to you five keys necessary to enjoy healthy and fulfilling sexuality.

Taking care of our sexuality and living it healthy is very important for feeling good. But sometimes we don’t know what we have to take into account to achieve it. Below you will find some essential tips.

How to Enjoy Fulfilling and Safe Sex?

As stated in the article Approaching sexuality in adolescence, sexuality is part of our personality. Because of this, each of us expresses it differently. However, some tips will work for everyone in general:

Some of them are very important to consider because irresponsibility in these cases can seriously compromise our health.

1. Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

This is one of the first important points to enjoy full and safe sex. It’s about protecting yourself from possible sexually transmitted infections or diseases that currently affect a high percentage of the population.

As noted in the article Surveillance and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections: An Outstanding Problem, HPV, or Human Papillomavirus Affects Thousands of People Each Year. This is serious because there is a strain of this virus that causes uterine cancer.

2. Know Your Body to Enjoy full And Safe Sex

To fully enjoy our sexuality, it is essential to know our bodies. This also includes our genitals.

Masturbating, touching and observing is a healthy way to get to know our body, to understand what we like and dislike, and to discover new forms of pleasure. This will allow us to enjoy sex more.

3. Use Contraceptive Methods to Prevent Pregnancy

Prevent Pregnancy

If we do not want to have children and only want to enjoy full and safe sex, it is essential to use methods so that we do not risk becoming pregnant. The pill is beneficial and, with the condom (which helps us prevent the spread of STDs or STIs), they will form a combination that will allow us to focus only on enjoying the present moment.

We always recommend consulting the doctor about the most effective contraceptive option for us. One method may work better than another. In case we want to have a baby, we just have to stop using the chosen method of contraception.

4. Communicate!

The fourth piece of advice for enjoying full and safe sex is to communicate well. If we prefer to change position, for example, we can say so. We have to communicate it.

This will allow us to have a much more pleasant sexual relationship. When you know what you like and express it, without a doubt, things change. Also, we will learn to confidently communicate what we want, which will be very beneficial in other areas of our relationships.

5. Play and Experience

To enjoy fulfilling sexuality, it is very positive to play and experience new things. One of the simplest ways is to opt for sex toys that can spark that spark in the long-awaited relationship.

Sometimes it can embarrass us or make us feel very uncomfortable. If this happens, we should assess our self-esteem. Sometimes the inconvenience of enjoying full sexuality is due to not feeling good about your body. This is necessary to get the attention of a professional.

We hope these five tips for enjoying healthy, risk-free sex have helped you pay attention to things you may have overlooked. Communication, using condoms, respecting our self-esteem, and knowing our bodies will ensure healthy sexuality.

Did you already have fulfilled and safe sex? Listen to your body, discover it, and always safely enjoy your sexuality without barriers and insecurities.

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