October 12

Alcohol May Improve Attractiveness According to Science

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Some people joke that alcohol can make you find an individual more attractive, but these statements are nothing more than jokes, right?

You know the scenario is tirelessly played out on television and movies: a guy gets drunk and ends up hooking up with a less than attractive woman and he later blames the romp on the over indulgence of beer or liquor.

While this seems like nothing more than a long running comedy joke, it turns out there is scientific evidence to support the “beer goggles” theory. According to The Daily Mail, research conducted at Bristol supports the theory.

Alcohol May Improve Attractiveness According to Science

Individuals who volunteered for the research were shown photos of male faces, female faces, and landscapes and then asked to rate the attractiveness of the images. . The people were in two different groups, but both shown the same images, but there was one difference between the groups. The first group was given an alcoholic drink while the second group was given a placebo drink with no alcohol. It turns out that those who had the alcohol rated the attractiveness more high, but does this really prove the beer goggles theory?

Well, the researchers are already thinking about that and are testing the study in a pub setting over the course of four nights.

Olivia Maynard, one of the researchers, spoke out about the findings saying, “It’s a bit of fun, but there is a serious message. If alcohol does change perceptions of attractiveness then that could be a factor in the kind of risky behavior you see when people are drunk, such as unprotected sex.’

The research is indeed interesting, but will it really encourage people to drink less? Maybe, but probably not. People have known the impacts of alcohol through experience and they probably won’t change their ways just because science confirms their suspicions.

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