October 15

Brazilian Hair Care Secrets: Burning and Pet Store Products



Brazilian hair has become a coveted look here in the States, thanks in part to the luscious locks of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. But to get perfect hair, would you be willing to use fire and an injectable drug that’s only meant to be administered to horses?

According to Stylelist, Brazilian women are taking candles to their hair in an attempt to banish split ends. Model Barbara Fialho swears by the velaterapia fire treatment, which she gets at the upscale Laces and Hair Salon in Sao Paolo.

Velaterapia is a rather simple treatment, but it’s definitely not something that you want to try at home – you could burn off a large chunk of hair or singe your scalp. It’s so dangerous that it wouldn’t be surprising if the treatment gets banned from American salons.

Brazilian hair

Here’s how it works: A stylist twists a lock of hair so that any split ends will stick out. She then quickly runs a lit candle back and forth over the split ends. This is supposed to cauterize them, making hair feel smoother and look healthier. You can do something similar at home by twisting a lock of hair and simply trimming any split ends that stick out, but you’d definitely need to enlist a friend to help you with the back of your head. This method might be your best bet until an enterprising American stylist comes up with a flame-free way to provide velaterapia treatments.

According to Refinery 29, Brazilian hair care isn’t just about trying to make hair look as smooth as possible – women are also coming up with wacky ways to make hair grow, and they’ve even resorted to using a pet store product to make their manes measure up.

Women are purchasing something called Monovin-A, a drug that’s injected into horses to make their manes look thicker and healthier. Luckily, women aren’t using needles to inject the product into themselves, but they might not be doing themselves any favors by using it.

Some Brazilian beauty bloggers swear that they’ve made their hair grow by adding Monovin-A to their shampoo. However, an expert trichologist told Refinery 29 that these women might actually be at risk for hair loss. Monovin-A is basically just a gigantic dose of vitamin A, and hair loss is a side effect of taking too much vitamin A. Beauty bloggers might be using Monovin-A topically, but they’re still at risk because it can be absorbed through the skin.

So the formaldehyde-filled Brazilian blowout isn’t the only dangerous beauty treatment Brazilian women are willing to subject themselves to in hopes of scoring Gisele Bundchen’s hair. Maybe they’d do better to try Gisele’s simple hair care secret: just let your hair air dry and don’t brush it (seriously!).

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