October 18

Create a Rainbow in Your Back Yard Patio Area

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Create a rainbow of beautiful colors in your back yard patio area with a bit of elbow grease and a trip to the hardware and dollar stores. You’ll love the pop of color and sparkle this project affords your back yard.

First off start by creating a designated patio area and decide if the majority of the footage will be delineated with patio stones, poured concrete or perhaps just a grassy area defined by a border. It’s that border–or the area between patio blocks or stones that you will concentrate on when creating these shiny pops of color.

Glass Stone

Start by cutting the sod in the area you plan to use as your patio space. Buy a roll of weed preventing plastic at your local hardware or home and garden supply store. Cut the plastic sheeting to fit the space and lay it flat in your chosen area.

Lay your stones or pour your concrete. Allow to set per the instructions given at the hardware store on the packaging.

Any areas that remain uncovered–such as borders and the area between stones are now your focus.

First check out your local dollar store for glass stones. They are typically used for filling vases or ornamental jars and bowls and can often be purchased for as little as $1 per bag.

Create A Rainbow

Since the plastic weed sheeting should already be in place, all that’s left for you to do is estimate the number of bags of glass stones you will need to fill the areas requiring them. Save your receipt in case you buy too many. You may select one color alone or a variety of colors for that rainbow effect.

Pour the glass stones in their designated areas and allow to settle naturally for a few days before stepping on them. While you won’t use this area for typical foot traffic it is inevitable they will get stepped on from time to time. Once they have settled naturally that won’t be a problem.


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