October 15

Create the Illusion of a Bigger Bathroom

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If you can’t make your bathroom bigger you can at the very least make it look bigger. Giving the illusion of higher ceilings will do exactly that, too, and it’s not at all difficult to do. Pick up a few supplies at your local fabric store and hardware store and you’ll be ready to enjoy your newly found space–or at least the illusion thereof.

You will need to buy some foam board and enough fabric to cover it on both sides. You will also need enough of the same or of a complementary fabric to fashion a new shower curtain. Pick up a new tension rod and a two new shower curtain liners while you’re out shopping, too. This project will require a few basic tools and a few small pieces of wood as well as some screws.

Striped Shower Curtains Bathroom

Draw the shape of a cornice or valance on to the foam board. Carefully cut this out with a craft knife. Cover in fabric using fabric glue. Trace the shape of the valance on to one of the new shower curtain liners and cut that out, too. Affix to one side of the valance with fabric glue or hot glue. This will prevent the fabric covered foam board from mildewing.

Strategically nail small pieces of wood to the walls and/or ceiling to which you can attach the valance with screws. You want the top of the valance to touch the ceiling.

Attach the tension rod behind the valance after threading both the new shower curtain liner and shower curtain on to it.

Now whenever anyone opens your bathroom door their eyes will be drawn to the valance that reaches the ceiling as well as to the long shower curtain that appears to go from the ceiling to the floor. This will create the illusion of a much taller ceiling and thus a much larger bathroom.


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