October 18

Easy to Create Corner Dressing Room

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If your daughters have to share a bedroom then this easy to create corner dressing room is the perfect addition to their sleeping accommodations. This works especially well as your daughters grow older and want some privacy while changing their clothes–or perhaps even just talking on the phone. You can create this dressing room in a half hour’s time and with minimal cost. If you have any sewing abilities it will be even less expensive and quicker, too.

You will need a tension shower curtain rod, a curtain for the rod, tie backs for the curtain and a small comfortable chair or ottoman. An excellent addition (but certainly not necessary) is a small desk or vanity.

Corner Dressing Room

Decide how large a corner you can afford to lose from the overall bedroom floor plan. Hang the tension rod across the corner to designate the space and hang the curtain on the rod. If you sew, consider find a bed sheet on the clearance rack and fashioning your curtain out of it. This can save big bucks over the price of a curtain. Be sure to save a strip of fabric for custom tie backs when sewing your curtain.

Inside the corner set up the desk or vanity with a mirror as a space to fix hair or apply makeup. Add hooks to the walls to hang up clothing and a small canvas shoe holder with pockets for storing accessories and jewelry. A fun and frivolous lamp on the desk or vanity will make the space even more special.

Tie back the curtain to show off the space during the day. The tie backs may be taken down and the curtain closed when one of the bedroom’s occupants requires some privacy.

This space not only makes a bedroom more appealing, it might also curb the whining about “getting their own rooms” for a while, too.

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