October 12

Finding a Romantic Date in the Middle of Nowhere

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When you think romantic date, you likely picture white sandy beaches and candlelit dinners. However, these things aren’t always possible, especially when you live in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic time! Here are ways to have a great time when you can’t get away to a romantic destination.

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You can find a spectacular hotel in even the least romantic town

So you may not be able to get away to a romantic destination, but nearly every city has a hotel with a semi-romantic room. Find one with a fireplace or even a hot tub. Not everyone will have a hot tub, but there are also some with jetted tubs which can be romantic. Even a regular fancy hotel room without the extra amenities can be romantic and relaxing for some time away.

Every town has fun hot spots

Your town may not be known for anything spectacular, but what about the towns around you? Growing up, I lived in a town that was pretty backwoods with next to nothing to do. However, there were surrounding areas with some different things to do, even if it was just a restaurant that we didn’t have near us. I can remember a few times going on a date an hour away just so we could eat at the Olive Garden. Was it convenient? Not at all, but it was something different and it was always a fun time. It helped to switch-up date night and allow us to have a brief romantic date.

Take advantage of what you have

Growing up, the town that I grew up in was surrounded by woods. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of “the great outdoors.” However, there were plenty of opportunities to go hiking or even biking through the woods. Sometimes, I was able to set aside my ill feelings of being outdoors and took part in an outdoor activity. It wasn’t always the most fun, but I made the most of it and it made for a fun time.

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