October 12

How Jennifer Garner Gets Ben Affleck and her Kids to Take Care of Their Skin

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Jennifer Garner is a stickler when it comes to taking care of her skin, but it’s not easy to get her family members to heed her skincare advice.

Her hubby would be pretty well-protected from the sun’s harmful rays if he ran around in his Batman costume all day, but Ben Affleck is more of a T-shirt and shorts kind of guy. And like most men, he doesn’t worry enough about his skin. “Fifty percent of men say they have not worn sunscreen in the past year,” Garner recently told Allure.

The actress has worked hard to make sure that her husband isn’t one of these macho sunscreen shunners, but it hasn’t been easy. “I cannot tell you how many battles with him I’ve had about sunscreen when we’re at the beach and I see him crisping up,” she said. “He knows how I feel about it; he knows what I do for a living [Garner is a spokeswoman for Neutrogena].”

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Luckily, Jennifer Garner has devised a sinister way of winning the sunscreen battle. “If I can sneak it in, I spray it on him,” she said. This is a pretty ingenious way to get kids and significant others to wear sunscreen – just buy a spray-on bottle of sunscreen like Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunscreen Body Mist SPF 70 ($10) and attack them with it.

Garner makes her kids put on sunscreen before they go to school, and she makes a game out of it by seeing how fast she can apply it. “I let them choose a song, and by the end of singing it, I have to be done putting it on them,” she said. Garner also tries to make applying sunscreen less of an annoyance by giving her kids a choice between protective products like sticks and lotions.

For women, Jennifer Garner recommends Neutrogena Ultra Sheer ($9). She likes it because it can be worn underneath makeup without messing it up, and it also doesn’t cause any skin problems. It’s a fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic product that creates a non-shiny finish.

To avoid melted makeup and oily skin, try replacing your moisturizer with the sunscreen during the summer months – it’s actually sweat resistant. And like moisturizers, it contains ingredients that are good for the skin: anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E. The sunscreen also contains silica, an ingredient found in many blurring face primers.


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