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How To Deal With a Sex Starved Marriage

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Is your marriage sex starved? According to The Huffington Post, there is a sexual desire gap in 1 in 3 marriages. As can be imagined, this can cause some problems in a marriage, especially if one of the individuals feels neglected. What do you do if you are the person in the relationship who doesn’t have a big sexual appetite, but your partner does?

Sex Starved

Sex is more than just feeling good

Sex isn’t just about feeling good, but it is a way to express your love to your partner. Feeling close to your partner is important and being intimate with your partner is very important. One thing to do is to not look at sex as a chore or as a means of feeling good, but as a way to feel close with your partner.

You may remember that back in 2008, a pastor from Florida talked to his congregation about intimacy and put out a thirty day challenge, asking the married couples to be intimate for that period of time. Does it take time and effort? Of course, but by being intimate more often it is easier to feel closer to your partner.

Understand their needs and wants

While you may not have a strong sexual desire like your partner, it is important to understand that they do.  The key is to communicate and let your partner know how you feel. Rather than having them think you aren’t attracted to them, let them know that your sex drive isn’t as high. Communication is key and can help you both to understand one another.

Being in a sex starved marriage isn’t the end of the world, but the Huffington Post reports that it can indeed lead to problems in a marriage and even divorce. While that is certainly in the most extreme cases, it is easier to address any relationship problems before they begin and to always communicate well with your partner.

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