October 11

How to Exfoliate Your Skin



The only way you can maintain healthy, radiant, and smooth skin is by making exfoliation a part of your weekly skincare regimen. Taking steps to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis will help to freshen up your skin and may even prevent breakouts. You can use a face scrub or a washcloth to gently remove dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of your skin and making your skin look dull.

Skin Polish

Here are some essential tips to exfoliate your skin:

Use the Right Scrub

You want to pick a scrub that is made with granules that won’t settle in to your skin. Using a skin scrub that contains very small particles might put you at risk for breakouts. Plan on using the scrub just once or twice per week to keep your skin looking healthy, smooth, and resilient.

Try a Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a skin rejuvenation practice that involves buffing away dead skin cells using only a brush and no products. You can use a small brush to get rid of dead skin and also to increase circulation to the skin’s surface. Just apply the brush using a circular motion to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. You can also use the dry brushing technique all over your body for a head-to-toe skin refresher.

Exfoliate in the Morning

Since your skin repairs itself while you sleep, you may be better off buffing away those dead skin cells first thing in the morning. When you exfoliate your skin in the morning, you also increase circulation to the skin’s surface which will give you a radiant glow that lasts for hours. Just make sure to limit the exfoliation routine to once or twice per week so that you aren’t drying out your skin or putting your skin at risk for breakouts.

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