October 13

Internal Bra Surgery is Really Freaky



A new “internal bra” surgery promises to make it look like you’re always wearing a push-up bra. Is it the future of breast enhancement surgery, or will the idea of wearing a bra forever freak women out?

According to ABC News, the “Orbishape system” is like a hammock for your breasts. This might sound pretty cozy, but the way that the bra is put in place is pretty horrific. Silk threads hold a silicone sling in place, and these threads are attached to the rib cage with titanium screws.

Unfortunately, you can’t have these mini-hammocks screwed into your chest in the U.S. just yet. However, the FDA is going to review the device later this year.

According to Elle, the Orbishape system (or the Orbix Breast Support System) costs about $1,500 more than traditional implants. Only three patients have undergone the surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, so it remains to be seen if women can actually stand living with an eternal bra. However, those who are okay with the idea of silicone bags floating around in their breasts should be able to stomach having a bra installed.

The Orbishape supposedly also helps patients heal faster, and it makes surgery scars less noticeable. The surgery might not just help women who want to make sure that their large breast implants look as perky as possible – it could also make life easier for women with naturally large breasts. There’s a small clinical trial currently going on at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, and it involves implanting the Orbix device in women who are waiting for breast reduction surgeries. Perhaps the internal bra will help to reduce the back and neck pain that so many large-chested women suffer from.

The Orbishape system isn’t the only internal bra out there. If you thought screws were scary and Frankenstein-like, get this: There’s another version made out of human tissue! The Alloderm “tissue matrix” is composed of donated human cadaver skin. It doesn’t involve screws, but it does create a supportive sling by sitting underneath the breast. There’s a similar product called Strattice that’s made from pig tissue, so you can tell everyone that you’re wearing a bacon bra if you get that stomach-churning stuff implanted in your chest. There’s also an internal bra called the Breform, a mesh cone that looks a bit like a coffee filter with a hole for the nipple.

So what do you think of wearing a bra that you can never take off?

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