October 18

Kate Middleton’s Bizarre Beauty Secret: Bee Venom



Kate Middleton could exfoliate with diamond dust and have a gold leaf facial every day. But instead of spoiling herself like an evil queen, the royal pampers herself like a peasant princess by turning to nature to get her beauty fix.

However, she’s no Snow White or Cinderella – she doesn’t have birds and mice picking herbs for her and helping her cook up all-natural beauty treatments. Instead she relies on her fairy facialist to create a concoction that will have the mirror on the wall telling her that she’s the fairest in the land for many years to come.

Bee Venom
Photo source: Instagram

According to The Telegraph, facialist Deborah Mitchell used one of her magic potions on Kate Middleton just days before her wedding. The Heaven Skincare founder convinced the Duchess of Cambridge to try her Bee Venom Facial, a treatment that’s also reportedly popular with Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Mitchell claims that her Heaven Bee Venom Mask is an effective alternative to Botox, and using the mask doesn’t require being poked with needles (or stung with bee stingers). The product has been getting tons of publicity because of its connection to celebrities, and its popularity has inspired numerous knockoffs.

However, Deborah Mitchell says that other brands just can’t compete with her $130 jar of bee venom, Manuka honey, shea butter, and essential oils. According to Mitchell, her product stands out because it’s made from fresh bee venom. “If it’s not fresh, then it won’t work,” she said. “A lot of companies claim to sell bee venom products. But freeze-dried varieties don’t work.”

Mitchell claims that her products are so effective that she can spot celebrities that have used them. “If you’ve seen any celebrity that has suddenly appeared with great skin, I can guarantee that I’ve treated them or they’ve used my products.” You know what they say about claims that are too good to be true.

Few studies have been done on the effectiveness of bee venom masks, but the claims might make you tempted to try it. According to Allure, venom is anaphylactic, so it temporarily relaxes the facial muscles. It also can improve circulation, resulting in skin that looks tighter and brighter.

MailOnline reports a different effect. The venom allegedly “fools” the skin into thinking that it’s been stung, and somehow this stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

It may just be quack science (buzz science?), but with a face like Kate Middelton’s connected to it, it’s unlikely that buzz about bee venom will die down anytime soon. In fact, supermodel Bar Refaeli shared a photo of herself getting a Gold Bee Venom facial just last month (now that sounds more like a beauty treatment made for a queen).


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