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Make Your Own Outdoor Coffee Table

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Whether you use a back porch or enjoy an outdoor patio area, an outdoor coffee table is a must. It provides a place to set your drinks, put up your feet or even to use as extra seating when guests pop buy. There aren’t many outdoor coffee tables that break the boring mold of plastic rattan or wicker topped with a piece of glass. So break the mold yourself and make your own table.

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Here’s what you will need. One trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot should have you well on your way to relaxing out back with your new coffee table.

Two heavy plastic urns–the kinds you place large outdoor plants in.

Bags of stones–you will need enough small stones to fill both of these urns for weight.

Liquid Nails (ask at the hardware store if you don’t know what this is–it’s a wonderful cheat for those not crazy about building!)

5 4×4′s cut in 3 foot lengths

2 pieces of 1/2 inch plywood cut in 22-inch lengths

Exterior paint in a color of your choosing

1. Lay out the 4×4′s parallel to each other on the ground. Glue them together with Liquid Nails. Place the two smaller boards on what will be the underside of the table and affix–once again using the Liquid Nails–to all five 4×4′s spanning all five at once.

2. Fill the urns with the stones.

3. When the Liquid Nails has dried sufficiently on the wood, spread it along the open perimeter of the urns. Set the table top on the urns, making sure they are spaced evenly under the wood.

4. When all is dried, paint the entire piece with an exterior color of your choice. Go for a second coat, too, so this outdoor coffee table will stand up to the elements.

The rocks will weigh your table down so it won’t blow away, and you now have a custom made outdoor piece that will last you years.

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