October 31

Mara Hoffman Launches Home Collection For Anthropologie

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Mara Hoffman has launched her first home decor collection for Anthropologie.

For years, Hoffman has been a staple in the fashion industry, but when it comes to her expertise, she’s all about clothing. Well, at least, she was.

Nowadays, the designer is branching out, expanding her brand to include home decor.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing a home collection for a long time and have always envisioned it as being a part of our brand’s story,” Hoffman told InStyle of the collection in an interview last month. “The eye motif is strong in this collection, and is a symbol we always play with and something I feel connected to. We usually sneak an eye or two into every collection.”

Included in Hoffman’s collection for Anthropology are tons of bold prints. From chairs to rugs to pillows to journals, all of the designs are eye-catching, making them perfect for your home — even in small doses.

While some many chose to embrace many different patterns, mixing and matching throughout the home, others may be better off taking a slower approach.

“Geometric designs are an easy way to breathe life into a room,” Hoffman explained. “Switching up pillows or adding a new bed spread will do wonders.”

Overall, the collection works well for any style and in any capacity and Hoffman had a great time exploring with all the different options for her pieces.

“It was interesting to break things down on certain pieces for the home collection to make them really approachable,” she shared. “The pieces can be mixed into an already eclectic room or be the standouts in a cleaner, more neutral space. The collection is perfect for people that are inspired by color and print and want to incorporate that into their everyday life without having to wear it.”

Pieces from Mara Hoffman’s collection are currently available in Anthropologie stores and range from $12 to $1998.

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