October 14

Marriage Can Help Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease



Being in love can cause a person to do some crazy things. Some people lose sleep thinking about the person that they like and some even start spending all of their free time with their new love interest. Did you know, though that being in love, specifically in marriage, can be a good thing? According to a new report by CNN, being married is actually good for your heart.

For the study, over 3.5 million individuals were screened and researchers discovered that there was less heart disease in those individuals who were in a marriage. Even better news, this impacts all ages, however the numbers are slightly different for two age groups. Those who were married and under the age of 50 saw the risk for vascular disease lowered by as much as 12% while those 60 and older, it was only 4%.

Even though the percentages are different for the two different age groups, it is still encouraging news for married couples and for people who may be planning on getting married in the future, too. While researchers can show these numbers, it is hard to pinpoint why this happens.

One suggestion is that those who are in a healthy marriage have less stress. Stress, as most people know, has a huge impact on the heart and if two people are happy together and get along, they are less likely to be stressed. Of course, it isn’t just the stress factor that plays a role in the research; being married can help an individual to take better care of themselves, often with the encouragement of their spouse.

Now, this new research doesn’t mean that you should go out and jump into a marriage hoping to lower your risk of heart disease. The key seems to be less stress and if you are in a marriage where there is a lot of arguing, that could actually give you a higher rate of stress which isn’t good for your health. Nevertheless, this is interesting news for married couples.


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