October 14

Marriage Is Still Important To Younger Generations



When it comes to marriage, it may seem like no one is doing it anymore and, if they are, it is ending in divorce. Add that with the way society portrays relationships on television and it is enough to make people think that the younger generations aren’t taking relationships and getting married as seriously these days. However, new research suggests that that just isn’t true and that marriage is still very important to younger generations.

High School Students

A Monitoring the Future report surveyed high school seniors about a number of things including their desire to get married. Now, you may think that getting married and having a family isn’t very high on the lists of these high school seniors, but you are wrong. Refreshingly, 78% of females say that having a marriage and a family is “extremely important.” Interestingly, 70% of males say the same thing.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this report is that these numbers aren’t much different than they were 40 years ago. So, why do things seem different these days?

Well, young people may still have relationships, but since so many pursue higher education, they hold off on marriage until they are older. Not only that, but more couples these days choose to live together before getting married.

In the past, it was believed that couples who lived together before getting married had a higher chance of getting divorced, but a recent study proved that wrong as well. It turns out that it doesn’t necessarily matter if a couple moves in together, but rather at what age they decide to move in together. If they are younger than 23, they have a higher chance of breaking up where as if they are older, it is more likely that they will get married.

So, if you are worried what the younger generations think about marriage, worry no more. They still think that it is important!

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