October 13

Military Relationship: Three Unusual Things You Miss When Your Partner Is Away

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A military relationship is hard. There are often times of long distance and those times are the hardest. Interestingly there are things that, when your partner is far away, you end up missing – things that you don’t ever think you will really miss!

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Granted, you still have to do laundry when they are gone, but significantly less. You may find yourself putting off washing the loads of laundry that you have when your love is home and even dread folding the many loads of clean laundry. However, when you find yourself washing your few things, it doesn’t seem like too much and you actually start to miss doing more. When they first come home, the first few loads of laundry are actually fun – until they pile back up week after week.

Their Bedtime Habits

I miss my partner’s snoring the most. When he is home, I can’t handle hearing him snore in my ear, knowing he is sleeping peacefully while I try to drown out his snoring. However, when he isn’t home, I start to miss it – a lot. I never noticed how comforting his snoring became until it wasn’t there anymore. As hard as it is for me to fall asleep with the snoring in my ear, it is also something that I have become accustomed to and get excited (for a little while) when I finally hear it again.

The Little Arguments

Even though we don’t fight too often, there are times that we disagree on things and may end up mad at each other for a little while. Obviously, those little fights pass and they are quite annoying when they happen. When he is gone, though, I end up missing those little lovers’ quarrels. The silence just reminds me that, not only do I not have someone to argue with, but I don’t have someone to laugh with and just talk about my day.

If you are in a military relationship, what are some unusual things that you miss when your partner is away?

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