October 14

Military Wife Life: Four Things Most Can Relate To



Being a military wife can be hard. There are deployments, long work days, and countless moves across the United States and sometimes even the world! Here are four things that most military wives will probably be able to relate to!

You have tried nearly every video chatting app

While most people use Skype for their video chatting needs, you and your significant other have tried every video chatting app available, trying to find the one that suits your needs best. The worst part is that typically all of the apps work similar, but your significant other finding a good internet connection isn’t always an option.

Your phone is always at your side

While it isn’t uncommon for people to be glued to their smartphones already, as a military wife, you likely have yours all the time, even when it isn’t an accommodating situation. Need to take a shower? The phone is usually sitting right outside of the shower with the ringer on loud (if it actually rings while you are rinsing your hair, well that is another story, but so worth it to not miss that phone call!)

You’ve accepted that you may not get to celebrate your anniversary on your actual anniversary and that’s okay!

When your spouse is in the military, their job comes first. Sometimes, that can mean that they are working or away on special days like your anniversary. Although it can be depressing to spend the day away from the one that you love, as a military wife you accept that these things happen and celebrate accordingly, whether it be the following day, week, or even month – whatever works!

You’ve gotten pretty crafty with your care packages

Sure, it is easy to come up with ideas for Valentine’s Day and their birthday, but what about the months that there isn’t a holiday or a special day? Well, most military wives learn to get creative with their care packages and figure out some cute themes to fashion their care packages after.

What are some things you think most military wives can relate to?

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