October 14

Rachel Zoe Opens Up About Her Mommy Style



Rachel Zoe has had a major impact on the world of fashion. Not only has she dressed A-listers, including Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, for years, she’s also written books and designed her own clothing line. But now that she is a mother, her style has evolved and the once colorful Zoe now calls black her go-to color.

“I wear more black than I ever have in my entire life,” Zoe told In Style at an event in West Hollywood last night. “Even tonight, I was standing there in this dress, and I kissed my boys good night. They were soaked in the bath tub, and Skyler wrapped his arms around me, and I thought, ‘Okay then. Glad I’m wearing black.’ If I was wearing white chiffon, I would have had to have changed.”

During the event, Zoe wore a long, dark sequined Marc Jacobs dress and shoes from her longtime friend Brian Atwood.

For years, Zoe has been a self-proclaimed workaholic, but now that she is a mother of two, she spends her days with her sons. However, she still has a profound love of clothes and often matches her clothing to theirs — but it’s not always on purpose.

“Sometimes Skyler and I will leave the house, and we’re literally wearing the same thing,” Zoe said. “Once, I was wearing an ivory cashmere poncho and denim, and he was wearing an ivory cardigan with denim. And I was wearing brown boots, and he was wearing brown boots. I swear I didn’t do that on purpose!”

Hearing about how much style icon Zoe loves playing dress up with her sons begs the question: Will Rachel Zoe one day start a children’s clothing line? She has already given an adult line a chance, so it only seems right.

“Some day, probably. I want to because I’m so obsessed with children and everything that pertains to children,” Zoe explained.

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