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Should You Schedule Sex?

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Should you schedule sex? It sounds like an unromantic thing to do, but if you find that your sex life isn’t what it used to be, talking to your partner about it is important. In fact, scheduling times to get intimate doesn’t have to sound like a chore, but rather can help you two set ground rules for your relationship.

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Set time limits

For instance, you don’t have to set an exact day and time to have sex, but rather set a ground rule. Perhaps you can both agree that you two won’t go three days without being intimate together. That helps take the stress off of “planning,” but also helps you both to know that you will be getting intimate together. Then, when the time feels right, go for it! If after setting a limit and you notice that it isn’t working, talk it out and try to figure out ways to make it work better for you both.

Respect each others schedules

Married couples have different work schedules and that can be one of the things that make you curious about scheduling sex. Respect each other’s work schedules that you each have long days. There are also times when one person may work days while the others work nights. If this is the case, don’t expect your partner to wake up at 4 am every morning if that is when you are getting home, especially if they have to wake up shortly after for their own day. Likewise, don’t expect your partner to wake up when you get home in the afternoon if that is the time they are sleeping. Find a way to work around each other’s schedules.

Have fun with it

Sex isn’t meant to be a chore and if you treat it as one, you won’t enjoy getting to be with your partner intimately. Always open up to them about your feelings and concerns and be sure to schedule sex together.

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