October 18

Skin Care Routine: Face Washing Mistakes You’re Probably Making



Washing your face seems pretty straightforward, right? I mean, how can you mess up getting your face wet and taking off your makeup? But you could be making mistakes in your skin care routine that leave your face dried out, broken out and your makeup left behind. By rethinking the way you wash your face, you can see where you might be going wrong to fix mistakes so your skin can be the best that it can be. Who knew that face washing could be so important?


Water Temp

If you’re washing your face with scalding water in hopes of getting it cleaner, you could be drying out your skin. While it’s true that hot water can kill bacteria, your regular face cleanser should be doing that job – not your water. Instead, dial back the heat and wash with lukewarm to warm water instead. It’ll help keep the moisture in your skin so you don’t have to slather on the moisturizer after each washing session.

Leaving Makeup Behind

Unless your cleanser specifically states that it’ll remove makeup, you may need to add another step to your skin care routine. Most face washes are designed to remove dirt and oil, but not tough makeup like waterproof mascara. For that, you’ll need to use a makeup remover first – baby oil can work wonders and is cheap. Once you’ve taken off stubborn eye makeup, you can proceed with your face washing as normal.

Washing with Soap

Using your trusty old bar of soap to wash your face? You may be doing your skin a disservice. Traditional bar soap is meant for hands and bodies, which means it might be too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face. Swap it out for a gentler face wash designed for sensitive skin and you can help balance out your skin’s pH levels. That way, you can keep the bar of soap in the shower and save face with your skin care routine.

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