October 21

Teresa Giudice Spends Thousands On Beauty Ahead Of Fraud Sentencing



Teresa Giudice is making sure she looks her best ahead of her upcoming fraud sentencing.

According to a new report, Giudice is spending thousands of dollars on an extravagant cosmetic procedures as she awaits her Oct. 2 trial.

“She gets Botox on a regular basis,” a source close to Giudice told Radar Online on Sept. 11. “She gets Restylane on a regular basis. She gets a skin resurfacing laser and she gets laser hair removal on her forehead.”

Next month, Giudice and her husband, Joe, will appear in court, where they may both be sent to prison. Currently, Giudice is facing up to 27 months behind bars, while her husband faces nearly four years — and a possible deportation (Joe is a citizen of Italy).

Despite the possibility of jail time, Giudice is determined to look her best and planning to get touched up in the next couple of weeks.

Teresa Giudice

“She’s spending nearly $5,000 on cosmetic procedures every three to four months,” the source explained. “The Botox is every three months and Restylane is every seven months. Hair removal is more often. She was going once a week for the skin laser. The laser retightens your skin and resurfaces because of all the sun that she gets. She messed up her skin. When you lay out in the sun, you’re skin gets thick on top. Her skin is very thick. She tries to get rid of that thickness.“

“Teresa pays around $1,000 for her Botox with all the places she gets it done,” the source continued. “She pays $1,500 for Restylane. The skin resurfacing is pricey too. It’s around a $1,000 at the least. And the laser hair removal is about $1,000.”

It’s hard to believe anyone would spend this kind of cash on beauty — and even harder to believe someone who is possibly heading to jail would spend so much. However, for Giudice, her looks have become a bit of an obsession, at least according to the source.

Plus, Giudice doesn’t think she’ll do time.

“Teresa is in denial and doesn’t think she is going,” the source said. “She’s been telling everybody, ‘They’re not sending me.’ She doesn’t think she’s going to prison. She is in total denial.”


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